Cor-Ten Planters

The unique look of Cor-Ten steel is widely seen in today's modern landscape design. From trellises, planter bed edging, art pieces, water features and planters, Cor-ten steel's unique finish and very good outdoor durability make it a good choice for residential and commercial landscapes.

The main reason many home owners and landscape architects incorporate Cor-Ten into outdoor designs is its durability. With Cor-ten steel, you never have to worry about maintenance. The steel's unique mix of alloys creates a protective barrier on the outside of the steel. This barrier protects the steel from fully corroding. The other benefit of using Cor-Ten in landscape design is the beautiful patina finish. Once fully weathered, the patina look gives a modern yet rustic feel to a landscape space.

Our collection of modern Cor-Ten planters incorporates clean lines, simple shapes and durability. Each planter is hand crafted in Texas with 11 gauge material. Options include with or without drain holes, irrigation line holes, and casters. If you don't see the size or shape of planter you want, please give us a call or send us an email. We have extensive design experience in manufacturing a wide range of sizes and shapes.