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Glacier Ice Fire Beads

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Will not produce ash, soot, or smoke residue

Able to withstand high temperatures without diminishing its color or clarity

Fire Beads ranges in size from 1/2" to 1/4" with each piece being completely unique

Fire glass beads are recycled from post-industrial glass

Minimum order - 10 lbs

10 lbs Increments

Who said fire and ice don’t mix?  Glacier Ice fire beads are a great example that they do.   With high clarity and colorless look, your guests will think they are watching a miracle as the flames from your fire pit emerge thru the fire beads.  The clean modern look of this fire glass in a pure white fire pit or a stainless steel fire pit, your backyard will be transformed into a quite oasis.   This fire glass can be used in many different color schemes.  Some of the best combinations are stainless steel, white, blue, gray and green