About Us

Years ago I was trying to think of a Christmas gift for my Mom and Sister – two people who are very hard to shop for – at least from my view. I knew I wanted to give them something they could enjoy for a long time. Both loved to entertain family and friends and both enjoyed sitting outside on a cool night by a warm fire.

Every year or so my Mom would call and ask me to run down to the local chain hardware super center to pick up ANOTHER ceramic fire pit. It seems hers was always cracking after a year’s use. In an effort to prevent another trip to the chain super center, I gave her a cast metal fire pit. That one also had the same problems as the ceramic fire pits.

At that moment I had an idea! Why not build her a Fire Pit that won’t need replacing every year. My company had all of the right equipment and skilled craftsmen to build something really special. Plus it would save me from another trip to the chain super center!

I drew up the idea and gave the plans to my talented staff. Out came the Fully Enclosed Steel Fire Pit! Today both my Mom and Sister have the original Fire Pit on their patios. Of course I had to make one for myself under the guise of testing and R&D!

Many of their friends saw the original Fire Pit and bought one. Everyone liked the clean look and durability of the Enclosed Fire Pit.

We have a passion for creating unique, fun, high quality and lasting products. My R&D and testing team are my friends and family. I hope you will enjoy our products as much as they have enjoyed them.