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1/2 Inch Sipadan Breeze Pre-Mixed Reflective Fire Glass

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Tempered fire glass will not pop or crack

Able to withstand high temperatures without loss of color or clarity

Easy to maintain

Mix and match fire glass to create your own design

Minimum order - 10 lbs

10 lbs Increments

If you have never been to Sipadan, and most people haven’t even heard of it, it’s an experience of a lifetime.  Located in the Celebes Sea off the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia, the tiny island rises from the sea floor 2,000 feet.  You can walk around the entire island in 20 minutes. What you notice is the rich blues of the water that surround the island.   Once in the water and 30 feet off the shore, be careful, it drops straight down!  This was our inspiration for this great color combination.  One quarter inch fire glass makes your fire pit’s flames reflect both light and heat.   The large chucks of tempered glass reflect the dancing flames to create a symphony of light.  Quarter inch fire glass is available in many colors so you can mix and match to create your unique style.  Your guests will be amazed at your dancing flames.

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Material Type Fireglass