1-2 inch Gray Tumbled Lava Stone

In stock

Each stone is 1-2 inches in diameter

Very resistance to heat

Tumbled smooth - no sharp edges

The beautiful color of the stones ranges from dark grey to black

Made from natural occurring volcanic rock

Packed and shipped in ten pound increments

These 1-2 inch lava stones are formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with cool water from the ocean and hardens as a result. The naturally occurring lava stones are gathered up and then go through a 'tumbling' process which removes any sharp edges and gives them their uniform shape. Because they are volcanic, they can withstand extreme temperatures without crumbling or exploding.

Tumbled lava stones also have excellent heat retention properties. They can absorb heat from the fire and radiate it back into the surrounding area, providing a more efficient and longer-lasting source of warmth. This feature makes them an attractive option for extending the use of your fire pit during colder evenings.

In addition to their functional qualities, tumbled lava stones add a visually appealing element to fire pits. Their natural coloration, often ranging from earthy browns and blacks to reddish tones, creates an attractive contrast against the vibrant flames. The rounded shape of the stones also adds a touch of elegance and can enhance the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Tumbled lava stones give a truly unique and stylish look to any gas fireplace which is a refreshing change from the usual fire wood. They may be used exclusively, or as a base for other fireplace ornaments, such as fire glass or lite stones.